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General Conditions of Sale

The present document describes the General Conditions of Sale for the website owned by Galerie BD’s, hereafter referred to as Galleria, accessible through the web address www.galerieBDs.com. All users do explicitly agree to respect these Conditions in potential Order Placements.

At the instance of any Order Placement, each client validates the present general conditions of sale by marking the designated box contained within the order form.

The Galleria reserves the right to refuse any Order Placement request that does not satisfy the contract terms.

The General Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law. Any and all disputes that derive from their involvement belong under the jurisdiction of the Italian tribunals.


1.       Placing Orders

Each order placement is equivalent in all effects to an Order of purchase and is registered by the Galleria after the acceptance of the present conditions of sale.

Whoever wishes to order an item available for sale must:

  • Complete the order form by supplying all the personal data requested and indicating the chosen payment method.

  • Confirm the Order Placement after revising all areas.


Upon receipt of an Order Placement, the Galleria will confirm the completed order via email and provide the client with all the necessary information to proceed with the payment.

Each Order Placement will last 10 business days starting from the moment the Galleria sends the confirmation. If by the end of the 10 business days the Galleria does not have confirmation of the collection of the entire due amount, the Order will be automatically cancelled. 

Force Majeure

The Galleria cannot be held liable for the failed completion of the purchase order if it is caused by acts of god or unfortunate events.


2.       Modifications to the Order

Any request to cancel or change the Order can be made by writing an email to: prenotazione@galeriebds.com. The request will be granted only upon receipt of a reply of consent from the Galleria.

Once the Galleria has collected the total due amount for the Order, the sale becomes effective and no further request of modification or change of mind will be accepted unless otherwise decided by the Galleria.


3.       Payment

The prices indicated on the website are stated in the currency of euro.

The Galleria reserves the right to alter prices at any moment. The variations in price are not applicable to Orders placed prior to the modification.

The payment for the amount due for an Order can be carried out only and entirely in one form of payment.

The Galleria reserves the right to refuse a payment if it is received without a previous Order Placement or if the Galleria has not accepted an Order Placement as previously indicated above. 

The only permitted methods of payment are through bank transfer and PayPal. Not all the items present in the catalogue can be purchased through PayPal.

Payment via PayPal

The payment via PayPal is reserved only for specific items. Whenever it is not possible to pay for an item through PayPal, this payment option will not be available in the order form.

In the case of payment through PayPal, the total amount to pay will include a commission fee equal to 3% of the due amount, including the fee for shipping & handling.


4.       Shipping & Handling:

Method of Shipment

For each shipment, be it domestic or international, the Galleria has the authority to use, at its own discretion, either the courier UPS or the alternative courier FedEx. The form of shipment is always “Espresso” (Express).

Each shipment is insured for a monetary value equal to that corresponding to the client’s payment for the acquired merchandise. The cost of insurance is included in the ­fee for shipping and handling.

The shipment is entrusted to the courier within 3 business days of the confirmation by the Galleria after collecting the entire amount due for the order completion.

As soon as the shipment has been made, the client will receive a notification email from the Galleria containing a code to track the package online.

Shipping & Handling Fees

The Galleria requires a fee for the shipping & handling costs, which vary according to the area to which the client has requested the delivery.

The required fee is equal to:

  • 40,00 Euros for destinations within Italian territory.

  • 60,00 Euros for any other destination within Europe.

  • 80,00 Euros for any destination outside the European territory.


Problems at the moment of delivery

It is under the client’s full responsibility to verify the conditions of the package at the moment of delivery and to refuse delivery upon noticing breakage or damage on the package.

In the case the client notices any damage it is necessary to return the package and to notify about the delivery in writing (package rejected due to broken seal or damage). It is necessary to check the state of the consigned merchandise at the moment of delivery and before signing the receipt of delivery from the courier.

An accepted package is considered to be “accepted as is.” A client’s acceptance of a package relieves the Galleria from any responsibility.

In the case the client notices any damage at the moment of delivery and the package is not accepted, the client must inform the Galleria within the following day via email to the address prenotazione@galeriebds.com in order to obtain a reimbursement. The email must describe the problem in detail (e.g. damaged package, already open, etc.).

Time Frame of Delivery

The Galleria does not guarantee a time frame for delivery. The buyer does not have a right to reimbursement for potential delays in delivery.


5.       Customer Service

For any advice or information regarding Order Placements, payments, or general information about completion of an Order, clients may write to the email address assistenza@galeriebds.com. To facilitate the processing of an inquiry, it is necessary to provide the client’s name and email address as given at the moment of the Order Placement.


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